Woodburn’s Whiskey : Dark, Distinct, Dignified

My recent visit to Goa turned out to be an enthralling experience with friends! The best part of the trip was when we discovered this brand called Woodburn’s Whiskey at a store which us (friends) decided to opt for! We were a bit skeptical though at first to try out but the experience we had not only left us amazed by it’s flavour but also left on us a long lasting memory to delish, cherish & relish for a lifetime!

Never did I imagine that an Indian Brand could curate such wonders when it came to subtle yet smooth whiskeys like Woodburns! My first take on it was on the rocks with 3 cubes of ice left me awestruck! The bold flavour and distinct aroma was enough to ignite my senses!

We were at our hotel when I tried this out with my pals while we were busy watching the TV! What a perfect combination! Friends, Whiskey, Deep Conversations! What else does one need for a perfect evening? While we indulged into the smokiness of the irresistible fantasy, I quickly googled about the new brand that we were trying out! Made using 100% Indian ingredients, with no traces of scotch or foreign malts is what it said. We were a bit tipsy by then but still we were appreciating it’s awesomeness!

Let me enumerate it’s appearance! This is a full-bodied whisky that offers a bold, smoky front, balanced by a well-rounded peated malt finish.

Being a whiskey lover since time immemorial, I must comprehend that Woodburn’s is amongst those fabulous brands which I enjoyed after really long!Priced at Rs. 1500/750 ml which is extremely pocket friendly, the whiskey on tasting gives a smokey, woodey and a dark chocolate hint! I can vouch for it that the home grown brand is definitely going to change the Indian Market of whiskey consumption.

Highly Recommended.


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